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Improving the life of citizens through
digital collaboration.

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Helping cities run a better world

ExoCities is the global transformation ecosystem of collaborative innovation for meaningful life in cities.

We build digital platforms and mobile applications that empower citizens, communities, and local authorities to think, communicate and act collectively for the benefit of the citizens.

What we do

for City Exponential Transformation



Communicate the city and the mayor as leaders of innovative transformation.


Platforms to place the Mayor as the facilitator of community designed solutions.


Data analytics to unlock the innovative potential of the city



Supporting the cities to become leaders in citizen driven solutions for exponential growth


for City Exponential Transformation

ExoCities INSIGHTS is the data analytics, online surveys and behavioural analytics platform for the cities.
- 100% proprietary solutions for both front-end and back-end platforms, created from scratch
- Wholly-owned respondents database: respondents are recruited via online campaigns
- Continuous panel recycling: always adding new members with fresh opinions
- Automatic reporting: real-time generated charts and results

h.appycities APP is an online platform and mobile application for citizen engagement, civic participation and constant dialog. It enables City Halls to keep a good image and track of the citizens’ perception on the local administration activity but also to foster innovation through community participation.


ExoCities TECH is a digital ecosystem that includes SaaS tools and custom online campaigns technology, online campaign and data services for the public institutions communication efforts. The ecosystem is capable to communicate, inform, engage and activate citizens through both internet and mobile platforms.

ExoMarketplace integrates third party solutions as a response to your city needs. Through it, the City Hall is connected to a world of solutions.


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